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Elad Dattlekramer – Founder ARC Israel

Holds a B.A. in psychology from the Bar Ilan University. M.A. from Tel-Aviv Academic College in Neuropsychology. Elad is a licensed real estate broker, experience in local and international transactions. Elad's real estate networking and market opportunity detection abilities, coupled with his pragmatic point of view, serve the growing need for quality real estate transactions in Israel and abroad.

Ido Ben Shahar– VP Business Development

Ido holds a B.A. in Communications and Political Science from the Bar Ilan University. Ido has more than nine years experience in media and business consulting.

Advisory board:


Moti Dattlekramer

Partner, Head of Corporate Finance at BDO-Israel. Moti holds a BSc. in Economics and Computer Sciences and an MBA from the Bar Ilan University.

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